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Singing Dog Vanilla® began life in 2004 as a supplier of vanilla beans and pure vanilla extract to independent bakeries and restaurants across the country. We love working with smaller, independent bakeries and restaurants but we have also grown to provide our expanded line of vanilla products to landmark restaurants, bakeries, resort properties, ice cream and gelato companies, culinary schools, and breweries in the USA and abroad. We are happy to talk to you about your vanilla needs no matter the size of your establishment so please give us a call 888-343-0002.

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Are you an organic or natural grocery? Food Cooperative? We are ready to provide you with our expanding array of Singing Dog Vanilla Products. We are dedicated to supporting your organic and natural grocery store by choosing not to use distributors. You can be sure that you will not be competing against the conventional grocery behemoth down the street when you carry Singing Dog Vanilla ® products.

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Please give us a call at 888-343-0002.

or email us at: info@singingdogvanilla.com


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