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Our Story

Our Story


Here are a few things about us you should know:

  1. Yes, we do know it’s a silly name.
  2. Yes, our parents also wondered why on earth we would name a vanilla company after a dog.
  3. Yes, we like silly puns on the word, “vanilla”. So please feel free to send us your vanilla puns.

The Beginning

Bill Wiedmann and Marty Parisien came up with the idea for this organic vanilla business while working together assisting farmers with marketing, finance, and productivity improvements. Marty had read a book by Seth Godin called Purple Cow . On page 107 of that book Seth writes, “But vanilla is boring. You can’t build a fast-growing company around vanilla.” When he read that Marty thought, “What a great idea! Build a company around vanilla” (Yes, if you read the whole book you will see that we did take those lines a bit out of context). Around that same time, Bill was introduced to a village in Papua New Guinea that grows vanilla. We decided to build a vanilla company that shares profits with the vanilla farmers and employees, while creating clean label vanilla products for our fans.

Silly Name…Serious Vanilla


We decided to name the company after the Papua New Guinea Singing Dog, a dog only discovered by the outside world in 1952. These canines do not bark, but rather they sing like whales. Our farmers in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia thought it was hilarious that we would choose this for a name.  Marty’s parents wondered what was wrong with us for choosing a name that has nothing to do with vanilla. Bill and Marty thought that a silly name would be the perfect way to represent the kind of company we hoped to build. Besides, all the other vanilla companies sounded like the names of law firms! It certainly is a name you can remember and tell your friends about…right?

Hear the Singing Dog Sing



Our Vanillaverse

Singing Dog Vanilla now works with hundreds of vanilla-growi11410420_1637206439890969_1467145845_nng families throughout Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. They are paid market price for their vanilla beans and we also share with them a percentage of the sale of the vanilla products that use their vanilla beans. We call this program Fair Trade Plus+®. Our products are sold in the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and Chile. Singing Dog Vanilla products are also used in many bakeries, restaurants, ice cream shops, culinary schools, breweries, and frozen yogurt shops. Our vanilla products include pure vanilla extract, vanilla coffee, vanilla bean paste, vanilla lip balm, vanilla frosting mix, and we have many new vanilla products in the works.


Our Vanillatude

• We find the best ingredients we can. Organically grown, non-GMO, and high quality.  We admit that as a result our products are sometimes more expensive than the cheap stuff.

• The finished product needs to be something that our fans will rave about. No point in introducing a product that is just mediocre. Our office is cluttered with great ideas that didn’t make it to the store shelf because we just couldn’t make it taste right with the ingredients available to us.

•  We do our best to use the most sustainable packaging we can, re-use consumables such as cardboard, and reduce landfill by using materials such as cornstarch packing material, and using compostable packaging.  Our Vanilla Frosting Mix is our most sustainable packaging so far!

There is always room for improving and we certainly try to do so. We really hope that you thoroughly enjoy our products and helps us to Expand the Vanillaverse by telling your friends about us. If you would like to learn more about us just give us a call at 1-888-343-0002. We actually answer the phone.