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The Vanilla Files of the Vanillaphiles
First of all, yes, it is true that we founded this company on April Fool’s Day 2004 at Bill’s dining room table in Kailua, Hawaii. Second of all, yes, we do know that Singing Dog Vanilla is a pretty silly name.


The Beginning

Bill Wiedmann and Marty Parisien came up with the idea for this business while both were traveling throughout the pacific Islands assisting farmers with marketing, finance, and productivity improvements. Marty had read a book by Seth Godin called Purple Cow. On page 107 of that book Seth writes, “But vanilla is boring. You can’t build a fast-growing company around vanilla.”

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Last week I made two calls within 5 minutes: The first call was to the company I use every year, and the second to the company I will be using from now on.  The reason for the switch is a good reminder to make sure our company’s systems don’t get in the way of basic customer service. Every year we have our home heating a ...


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Niche markets are great, but what about a micro niche market? I recently met the owner of Synergyair, a successful company serving people who need assistance assembling airplane kits.  My first thought was, “I never imagined there was a need for such a thing”. It turns out that a combination of FAA regulatory issues and tec ...